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Links Policy

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  1. We are often asked to put up links for various web sites.  Whilst we are very happy to do so it would be appreciated if the subscriber would consider the following:-
  2. A link will be  put up at your request if you operate a classic or historic motorsport related website.  Or if you are a supplier to Ken Clarke Motorsport or you are a customer of Ken Clarke Motorsport.
  3. We will put up your link for no charge if your site is operated wholly on a non-profit basis, i.e., fan-sites, enthusiast sites and so on.  We only ask that you reciprocate.  Should you not reciprocate the link will be removed after a period of 1 month.
  4. If you have a commercial site, i.e. you run it as a business, or otherwise make money out of it in some way, or it is advertising a commercial venture (such as this site) then we will make a charge of £5.00 per link per annum.  The charge is payable in advance on a yearly basis.
  5. All links are based on one gif or jpeg image.  This shall be 200 x 100 pixels maximum (landscape format).  Should you require us to format your banner there will be an additional one off charge of £5.00.
  6. All charges associated with links are non refundable should your business change or should you decide not to continue with the linking.
  7. By requesting a link to our site you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the conditions of this policy.