We are after all only racing to win, so whether a driver is just starting out or has many seasons experience Ken Clarke Motorsport can help


If the driver is just starting he or she will need to obtain a special pack (Getting Started in Motorsport) from the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and then the driver will need to take an Association of Racing Driver Schools (ARDS) test which includes a written as well as a driving test.  The driver will be doing this in the company of a qualified ARDS instructor.  Having successfully passed the test and obtained a licence the driver will be ready to enter that all important first race.


As part of the services Ken Clarke Motorsport provides we can take the driver through his or her paces on track thus helping to build the confidence needed for success.  We can if required submit the entry forms on behalf of the driver and attend the driver's first race day by arrangement and take the driver through the many daunting tasks from signing on to scrutineering.  Thus the driver can concentrate on the task ahead and enjoy his or her first event.


More experienced drivers also benefit from training periodically.  Those braking zones sometimes get a bit longer!  A session with a qualified instructor can iron out those minor bugs that mean the difference between finishing first or fifth!


Whatever your requirements telephone or e mail Ken Clarke Motorsport.